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Goggle anon tracker hurrrl smoke kids

tracker hurrrl smoke KID 2
tracker hurrrl smoke KID

Goggle anon tracker hurrrl smoke kids

Fabricant : Anon

Modèle : ANO9TRA-HRL/SMK-W20

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Tough, kid-proof performance and protection with the comfort to keep them out there all day.

The kids’ Anon Tracker goggle is built tough to withstand all that kids dish out. The cylindrical lens offers maximum field of vision and is recessed into the frame to reduce the chance of scratches when the goggles are dropped or dragged. The fit integrates perfectly with a helmet and the grippy strap keeps the goggle locked in place on the helmet. Full perimeter channel venting ensures maximum airflow for clear, fog-free vision in all conditions, while dual-layer face foam creates a comfortable fit against any face. Includes a microfiber goggle bag for storage and wiping the lens clean.

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