Spark Fixie Clips, TOP-MOUNT

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Our NEW Fixie Clips come in a sleek, lightweight aluminum design that features no moving parts. It’s stiff, simple, and requires no rotation - just put your board together and go. The Fixies have built-in adjustability to help compensate for varying board hole patterns. They shed snow and ice, and won’t slip over time.

Top-Mount Fixie Clips are for splitboards that have inserts at the clip mounting points (you can't see screw heads on the base of your board). We have Through-Mount Fixie Clips for boards without inserts (you can see screw heads on the base of your board).

Includes: 2 left clips, 2 right clips, (8) 10mm coarse-thread screws, (8) fine coarse-thread screws, 4 grip washers.

Weight: 1.98oz/pr (56g)